pumpkin prompt 1

“Take A Lover Who Looks at You Like Maybe You Are Magic”

Frida Kahlo

Did anyone ever look at you like maybe you were magic?

Until this pumpkin person up above, I mean. Just something to think about.

This was supposed to be a fall/pumpkin blog post about the changing of leaves and why pumpkin spice coffee is so popular.  Yet, somehow when you give a writer an image you just never know what will happen.

Fall, changing of the seasons, Halloween, and boots. Add love to the mix and take a deep breath in and allow the season to embrace you and gently carry you away from the summer and towards the winter.

What better way to move along past September then to do some contemplative writing?

Open your laptop, notebook or pull a paper napkin off the nearest table and breath in, breath out, and write down whatever is on your mind.

Spicy lattes and love. That’s a combination I could live with.

pic credit:craftster.org