So, did you make a dent in the universe yet?

I think about this when I go through a crisis, feel abundant, or see someone doing something epic.

Today it’s about a crisis. My summer is certainly not going as planned, and that’s putting it mildly. How about train wreck? Slow motion, watching a speeding train, knowing it’s going off the cliff…

My life got  thrown off course in a volcanic, tsunami kind of way, I realize that this is the time  to make sure that I am on a path to leaving some kind of legacy.  You know why? Because you NEVER know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

SO – what is your legacy?

I’m still trying to figure out mine. But one thing I do know, and that is that I have a story to tell, something to teach, and so does everyone.

Here’s the thing – I have a month free now until the school year starts. And if you have a legacy that you want to leave, maybe a story to tell or something to teach, to pass on, to make your dent in the universe tell me what that is.

Maybe you don’t have time or energy or patience or the desire to write it all down.

Let me do it for you.  I can certainly use the distraction, and I create my best work when I’m trying to outrun a speeding train. So if you want epic, NOW is the time!

I can put 3 ebooks together this month – so if you have an idea about your legacy, your teachings, let me know what it is and I can write it up and wrap it up for you.

There are so many things this world needs right now. Share your ideas, stories, gifts, teaching. Even if it’s your drawings or photographs, pics of art, of meals you cook, who knows.

Clue me in and if I have the time I will do it for you.

  • I will –
  • Write your book,
  • create your cover,
  • write up a plan on how you can share it with the world.

3 of you. Email me for details. – let’s do it.