“The day you were born is the day God decided that the world could not exist without you”.  Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Are you ready for the eclipse?

What do you mean, you didn’t think you had to be ready?

Well, truth be told, neither did I. I mean I know it’s a big deal but I figured I would just head outside and look up at the sky if I remembered, and hope something blows my mind.

Yet, something is nudging me to pay attention.  Something is telling me that this eclipse is real life, not the running around that I’m doing. Ok, yes, the running around is important, I guess, but maybe stopping to smell the roses includes stopping to think about the roses.

Or in this case, stopping to think about the moon and sun crossing paths, one blocking the others light.

It got me thinking about my own light being blocked, and who is doing the blocking. My finger is pointing in many directions, including at myself, and I have many stories to tell for each person, place and thing.

The question is, is it a bad thing? When your light is blocked, I mean. 

I’m not talking about holding people accountable that are doing the blocking.

I’m talking about what happens to ME when my light is blocked. Forget about them for a minute.

I have to say yes, it IS a bad thing when my light is blocked. But then, I  have to say that in the end, once my light is turned back on, my light is brighter.

Maybe it’s like a room – if you have a room and feel like it’s too small, you put some furniture in it. If it still feels small, put more furniture in it until its very crowded.

Then take everything out and go back in. Lo and behold, the room got bigger.  You’re now satisfied with your ‘larger’ room.

Same here – when your light is blocked by someone that cannot handle it, everything goes dark and you cannot find your way. You sit in it, waiting for them to turn it back on, to move out of the way, but they don’t. 

You’re resigned to be in the dark.

Then, you realize that you can summon just enough energy to drag yourself up and turn on your inner switch again, and suddenly you shine brighter than before.

But are you really ‘brighter than before?”

Is the room really “larger?”

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Whatever it feels like, it is.  Take the feeling, and appreciate it. Appreciate your larger room, your brighter light. Regardless if the act of going darker caused you to realize your light once again and it’s really the same brightness.

Take these opportunities and use the momentum.

Because that’s what it’s all about.  Using the momentum from the return of something you thought you lost, and having it back makes you come alive. In a new way.

Momentum. USE IT.

Use it to go forth and light a fire under what it is you want, what it is you have, and how you could create your world.

SO, when the eclipse graces us this week, how will you prepare yourself for the energy of the shadow, and once again the energy of the light in YOUR life?

Where in your life are you going dim, darkening, maybe by your own shadows, maybe someone is casting a shadow over you?

Come find the light once again and recognize that you can burn bright and shine, and bring forth something in this world to light up the space around you.

Take a few seconds to sit with this thought as you gaze up at the sky.

Even just going inward for a moment when the sun and moon do its dance, do your own dance and mix something new up inside you and bring momentum to your life.


Your momentum counts.

Remember, your light counts.

“The day you were born is the day God decided that the world could not exist without you”.  Rabbi Nachman of Breslov