Hi there,

I hate to interrupt all this storm talk, sending aid to flood victims, and intermittent comedy relief (Trump tweets anyone?).

But I have to.

Because there will ALWAYS be storms. There will ALWAYS be the need to focus on an emergency at hand in this world. And there will always be something a politician says to rile up a nation.

I have been going through my own storm, and I realize that what happened was – I stopped looking at what was going on in the world around me. I didn’t care about storms, victims or tweets, because hey, what about MY PROBLEMS PEOPLE??

I’m back.

Sometimes the universe, God, Goddess, sends you something that brings you back. Well, I saw this video clip when I couldn’t sleep last night, and it got me thinking,

“WHAT IS MY LEGACY GOING TO BE? When will I focus on THAT?”

And I realized in that moment at 3:46 AM that I was working on it. WORKING ON IT??

That doesn’t cut it anymore. So I put my own problems on hold for a moment (being dragged through divorce court like a tin can at the end of a broken down ‘just married’ car…) and I pulled out the book I was working on.

Here’s the title:

“There’s More To Life Than Being A Good Person”.

Good one, huh!!!!

Well, I realize that although it’s a short book, only about 25 pages, I don’t want to finish it alone. I want to write it from someone else’s perspective too.

I mean, what do I really know? I know my own version of things. That hasn’t always worked out so well for me.

SO – just a heads up – here’s what I’m doing –

I’m going to ask anyone that wants to collaborate on this book to send me their answers to this question –

“What more to life is there than being a good person?”

(email me your answer to fink.esther@gmail.com)

And this book is up for grabs. One person, the one that feels called, will receive this book as a gift. SO IF YOU FEEL CALLED – CLAIM IT!

In exchange, they will hire me to finish the book, upload the book online for purchase, prepare it as a pdf on your website, create a book cover design, prepare it as a hard copy, complete with a detailed marketing plan to get the book out there, sold, and viral.

SO — send me your answers to the question – and you could be included in the book with your name and website if you’d like!

Tell me, what more to life is there than being a good person?

When you go through challenges and see the world going through tremendous challenges, it’s time to stop and think about what’s really important. And to share it.

Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing this with the one person that wants it, that wants to leave a legacy. (check out the video about leaving a legacy, it’s REALLY good.)


P.S. Watch the video below. It’s epic. And send me your answer. If you feel it, email me and claim the book as yours. fink.esther@gmail.com