Esther Fink

Organizational Psychology Consultant  

Communications Expert

Copywriting – Marketing – Leadership –  Relationships – HR – VIP Networking



Copywriting Awards

CES Technology Show, Las Vegas NV

Won for best tech product

TIME Magazine

Top tech product of the year, 1 of 100 featured

Proctor & Gamble

Winner of best product writeup nationwide

Crocs and Oprah Magazine

Winner of best essay nationwide for product use


Expert Writer
Content Creator

We will write copy and create content for you. You tell us what you want and we deliver.

    • Long form blog posts & articles$1300
    • Short form blog posts & articles – $700
    • Press releases – $900
    • Training curriculum TBD based on project
    • Speech writing – $2500
    • Script writing for content sales $ TBD per item or multi-items
    • Script writing for videos $ TBD based on length and product/service
    • VIP emails (1-4 emails) – $1300
    • Grant applications $2900 starting fee, TBD based on project
    • Award entry applications $2900 starting fee, TBD based on project 
    • Ghost writing – book $80K + based on project and speed
    • Ghost writing – short form ebook $4000 up to 25 pages

Base fee: $1200 includes: 
2-1 hr calls per month
Written plan after each call
Email support

Fractional Editor in Chief
Content Evaluation

YOU write the content - We do a complete creative edit on your completed content and your work in progress based on your desired result for the content.

    • Personal 
    • Business
    • # of team members
    • Content editor 
    • Title and headline analysis
    • Content structure and readability
    • Placement of content on large blogs and websites

Fees based on amount of content,

And number of team members.

For a custom package combining elements from two or three packages apply here.

Organizational Psychology

One on one sessions via zoom, phone or in person

Organizational Psychology focuses on the individual and personal workplace issues such as communication, interpersonal problem solving, engagement and morale.

    • Goal planning and execution
    • Marketing strategies
    • Problem solving
    • VIP business-to-business networking
    • New client acquisitions
    • Interpersonal relationship mediation
    • Negotiating contracts
    • Work life balance
    • Team motivation and development
    • Executive coaching
    • Upleveling leadership skills 
    • Mindset and motivation coaching

Base fee: $4500 monthly
Minimum 6 month commitment includes: 
3-1 hr calls per month via phone/zoom/in person
Written plan after each call
Email support unlimited

For a custom package combining elements from two or three packages apply here.