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Do you want to live your life without ever achieving your goals? As an intuitive, results-driven personal/professional coach, I will show you the shortcuts to your goals.

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Journey to Reconnect

Reflections   “Hey, Esther.  There’s a place I think you’d like”, said my friend Karen. Karen was an actor and knew about all the cool places in New York City. “There’s a Friday night prayer service in a synagogue in Harlem, NY. I mean, it’s not actually in a synagogue it’s in a room of a church. But it’s a synagogue. Well, it’s not only for Jews. I’m not Jewish. It’s actually for everyone, all races and nationalities, all ages and genders. You would love it”. It sounded terrible. I thought she was going to tell me about a Broadway show she had free tickets for. “And there’s this rabbi,...

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How to Quickly Become a More Productive (and better) Writer

You wish you had writer’s block. That would mean you got yourself to a sitting position, in front of a piece of paper or laptop, and you were ready to write. Truth:  95% of would-be writers can’t even get themselves to the writing table. So, why is this so hard? Try searching for tips on writer’s block, on writing, and guess what – you’ll find them. The internet is loaded with tips and how-to’s, but most people don’t use them. There are tips on exercising – yet you’re not as fit as you could be. Tips on money management, yet you never set...

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What To Do When You Absolutely, Positively, Must Follow Your Passion

Who do you listen to? Those that say to follow your passion and the money will follow, or the opposing view telling you to face reality? Many of you may not care less. You may be content with aspects of your life, such as your career choice, social status, motherhood, baking cakes, community service, etc. This dance isn’t for everyone.     It’s for you if you feel the burning desire to follow your dream, the ‘can’t- sleep-can’t-eat’ kind of fire that burns inside your soul. If it’s all you think about. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky few that know exactly what it is you are meant to do....

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If She Can Write A Book Why Can’t I?

I met a beautiful woman dressed in red. She was a stylist and talked fashion, which is not my language.  I talk writing. I have 5 of the same black t-shirts and 3 pairs of jeans that I wear daily. “Like Obama and Zuckerberg”,  I say. “You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits,” [Obama] said. “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.” FC  Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs did the same thing. Zuckerberg said he drew the...

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