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Writing strategist

Organizational psychology + content Creator 

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“Esther is a skilled writer. The work she put into creating a workbook for our class, Verbal Self Defense Dojo, was invaluable. She’s a good communicator, takes notes well, and is fun to work with. I’d enthusiastically recommend her for this type of work in the future. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.”
Ruben Flores
Co-Founder, The Academy
“I love working with Esther and her magic is not to be underestimated. She is grounded, integrous and shows up 100%. She makes it easy and pleasurable. My work with Esther boosted my confidence and my business.”
Amber Valentyne
Consultant ,
“Esther spearheaded an amazing media relations campaign on behalf of our client, delivered great results, and her marketing/PR instincts are spot on. A true pro."
Colin Boroski
Content Director, Rainier Communications
“I can’t thank you enough for your assistance, patience, and creativity during this process. I will be informed in 45 days if our article was selected. Again, thanks for all you do.”
CWO4 Sean Flores
III MEF Utilities Officer

Esther Fink works with peak performers & high achievers to get what they want in both personal and business goals through concierge writing and marketing strategies. Communication, performance, leadership management, content writing/ high level networking strategies that include:

results you could not get with other consultants or coaches


Esther Fink

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    Business Psychology Consultant
    Go from feeling stuck with a problem that’s taking your time and resources and having a results driven consultant help you get clear, create a plan for you and execute it quickly to complete satisfaction.

    My name is Esther Fink, and I help successful professionals like yourself navigate complex interpersonal dynamics, conflicts, and business decision making.  If you’re struggling to solve a problem, work on a project you do not have the time for, and keep others accountable then I am here to help. By providing a confidential and objective third-party perspective I can provide you with clarity and a step-by-step implementation plan to help you overcome ANY professional obstacle and get what you REALLY want.

    Through my hybrid of business psychology, coaching and consulting services I help people who have very specific challenges and goals become clear, get focused and stay accountable so that they can eliminate problems, and achieve their goals.

    I work with career oriented individuals who find themselves stuck and struggling specifically when it comes to navigating their professional interpersonal relationships. My clients are individuals who desire an objective perspective and support system when dealing with life-impacting professional scenarios.

    When you are great at what you do, but do NOT have the time or method needed to handle conflicts or high-stakes situations it can be incredibly difficult to get to the places that you want in your business, life and career.

    Situations such as…

    – Renegotiating contracts

    – Marketing strategies, high level networking and content evaluation

    – Increasing your bottom line financially 

    – Applying for a different job position
    – Receiving recognition

    – Contributing creative ideas

    – Getting assistance or support

    – Managing and motivating your team

    – Upleveling your leadership skills and mindset

    These can be incredibly difficult to navigate when you don’t have anyone to talk it through with that will not spend excessive time on consulting contracts..

    The role that I play for my clients is one of a business psychologist, strategist AND advocate.

    When you find yourself  “stuck in between a rock and a hard place” I provide an objective place and  soft cushion to land on, so that you can evaluate and assess the challenge from a different angle and come up with an intelligent and positive resolution.

    In addition to providing direct and immediate hands-on support and strategy with a clear plan for implementation and actionable steps forward, I also empower my clients with the tools and skill sets that they need to avoid returning to that same “stuck place” ever again.  

    The way that I approach problem-solving is different from what you will get with a traditional transformational coach or any form of medical therapy, because what we aim to do is resolve the most impending conflicts as quickly as possible to relieve the discomfort, give you back your time and solve the problem for you.  Then, once the immediate issue has been resolved, I work in partnership with my clients to equip them with the tools that they need in order to prevent future obstacles or at least independently navigate them.

    Imagine being able to navigate ANY interpersonal professional scenario with confidence and clarity. so you could do what you really want to be doing, making more money, building your business, etc.

    No longer feel unseen or disempowered when you encounter a professional challenge, instead have a process for strategizing and overcoming it.

    At last, feel completely clear and capable when it comes to speaking up, getting what you want, and achieving your career and business goals

    People who hire me to help them with their professional challenges

    Make more money

    Whether it is a pay raise, re-negotiating a contract or interviewing for a better job position, let me help you improve your financial standing. In 6 month ( or less ) of working together ALL of my clients have increased their income.

    Garner more respect and power

    Are you tired of feeling invisible, overlooked or even inferior to your professional peers? In just a few sessions we can improve your self-confidence, communication and professional accruement so that you’ll finally have the respect you desire.  

    Achieve their career goals faster

    Stop putting your dreams on pause. If you have career aspirations that you have not been taking action towards I can help you come up with a step-by-step plan to fast-track you to your end objective.

    Improve their relationships with co-workers and clients

    Tired of navigating workplace drama, issues caused by poor communication or misunderstandings, and other interpersonal issues? I can help you become a valued and appreciated team member without having to compromise your personal values or let others push you around.

    More easily balance their professional and personal life

    Because nobody can be all work all the time! In addition to assisting my clients in their professional life, I also help them to improve their personal life by establishing a better work / life balance.  

    How I help my clients is with a results-first, evaluation later approach. What this means is that we fix the most immediate problems with expedited troubleshooting and immediate action and THEN we go back and evaluate the situation objectively, creating a safeguard strategy to avoid the problem arising again in the future.

    Here is how it works.

    1. ) A client comes to me with a professional problem or dilemma that requires immediate resolution

    2.) I work with the client to stay focused on the issue at hand and strategize on a winning resolution with the least resistance so that they can experience near-immediate relief of pressure and stress

    3.) Once the pressing issue is removed we then evaluate the scenario from an objective view-point and try to identify, how it occured, what it impacted, and how we can avoid encountering the same scenario again in the future.

    4.) Long-term I help my clients with goal setting, strategic execution and personal development so that they can fast-track themselves towards the exact success and goals they want.

    At the end of the day I want my clients to overcome all challenges, thrive and succeed long-term. I am passionate about helping people achieve their professional goals and aspirations, quickly with as little resistance as possible.

    How am I qualified to Support You?


    Organizational Psychology, Master of Science, University of Hartford

    I can help you understand the why and how behind the actions of others.


    I have worked in the professional communications arena for over a decade and I know how to use clear language to express ideas effectively and professionally.

    Whether you need a script to speak out loud or the right words to put down on paper, I can help you find the effective language to express your thoughts and ideas so that they can be understood.

    Extensive Resources:

    I have a variety of certifications in life-coaching, leadership development and alternative therapies.

    If you have a professional goal, then I will help you achieve it , faster than you ever imagined possible. I use a variety of modalities to help my clients get focused, improve their confidence, and take inspired action towards their professional vision.

    Stop being held back, stuck in place due to professional challenges.

    At last you’ll have the support that you need to identify, strategize and overcome ANY progress-hindering challenge.

    How do we work together, 3 Ways:

    • 1:1 in an SOS on-demand capacity while problem or issue persists

    When you contact me to help you overcome a specific professional challenge, I will make myself available to you via video conference ( zoom ) , phone, and text until the most pressing issue has been resolved. I am accustomed to working closely with my clients over an intense period of hours, days, and even weeks providing them with support, advice, and comfort so that they don’t have to sit in the dark alone.

    • Ongoing monthly check-ins and accountability

    Once we have solved your urgent matters, we can continue to work together with scheduled check-in appointments as well as accountability procedures. Early in our time together we will identify specific goals that you wish to accomplish in your professional career and I will stick with you until you have achieved them.

    • One-off consultation, strategic masterminding and more…

    I am proud of the fact that many of my clients are repeat customers! Once you and I have worked together one time, my door is always open to you for quick 1 hour troubleshooting, full day masterminding or even custom-scope consultation. In the past I have been hired to teach workplace workshops, provide temporary HR support or come in as a third party mediator. If you require assistance with something in your business or workplace that requires my unique problem solving and communications skill sets, I would be excited to discuss the opportunity. 

    Are you ready to resolve issues, reach goals, and get your pressing problems resolved completely? Are you ready to achieve your professional goals faster?

    Getting started with me is easy! All you need to do is book an introduction call on my calendar. Email [email protected] to receive a calendar link for booking.